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Description: All guests will take part in Bear’s Adventure Basecamp and take part in their pre booked heroes activity. At Bear’s Adventure Basecamp your guides will inspire you, push you and support you through four nerve wracking challenges which are specially designed to test your mental grit, precision under pressure, physical agility and problem solving skills. When you crack these you’ll be more than ready to take on any adventure that life throws your way. Break out - Use your brain and the skills of your team to crack codes, solve puzzles and find your way out of the room. If you never give up and believe in your crew, you will escape.Survive the maze -  Sharpen your mind and you’ll find the inner strength to overcome anything. Because when all goes dark, you will find your way out. When the walls are squeezing in, you will find your way through. Targets - Get briefed in the bunker on safety, mind-set and technique. You’ll need ultra-focus and precision for the targets ahead. Get a score to be proud of but will you beat Bear?Assault Course - Balance, jump, climb and scramble your way through the assault course against the clock. Tackle high walls and tricky ropes. You won’t know your limits until you push yourself over them.Then you will get the chance to partake in a snorkelling activity. What lies beneath? Dive in and find out. A pro dive team will help you gear up for this 1 hour experience, with a mininmum of 20 minutes in an under water cage surrounded by sharks and marine wildlife.Age restrictions:Basecamp and Snorkelling is designed for guests 15+, and if you are under 18 you will need permission from a parent or guardian and to complete your Adventure Portal documents. Children under the age of 11 will not be permitted to take part in any activities. Under 16’s will need a guardian over 18 on their activities with them. 16 and 17 year olds can visit unaccompanied but they will be unable to supervise others.There are additional medical restrictions which may affect your ability to dive, such as Asthma and Epilepsy. Please check upon booking.... View full product description here >>>

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