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Product: Beer and Food Pairing Experience For Two Lifestyle

Description: This experience is ideal for anyone who appreciates the way a good meal is enhanced by a beautifully brewed beer. The menu has been specially selected to offer diners the chance to try some of the most popular dishes on their menu, accompanied by a carefully chosen beer to really bring out the flavours of the ingredients. This is not just an excuse to eat, drink and be merry - guests will be given tasting notes from beer experts who will explain which beers they are trying and how they complement the food to bring out the taste of both. Each diner will be provided with a beer and food matching sheet on which they are encouraged to take notes to create their own personal review of the combinations they will be trying. This experience is ideal for anyone who would appreciate the chance to gain some expertise when it comes to choosing the perfect beer to go with any meal. Guests will enjoy a warm welcome from the pub staff who will show them to their table and get their taste buds warmed up with a specially chosen bitter. They will be furnished with a special tasting menu which features some of their most popular options and explains which beer goes with each dish and why the flavours work together so well. Once guests have chosen their meals, they will be visited by a beer expert who will explain why the beers and dishes have been paired with one another and how the flavours complement each other to enhance both. They will visit the tables periodically throughout the meal to answer questions and share the benefit of their expertise. Dessert takes the form of a ‘Chocolate and Cask Ale Fondue’ which comes complete with mini marshmallows and doughnuts to dunk into the gloriously gooey mixture and a specially chosen stout to finish off the experience in style.... View full product description here >>>

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