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Description: Brunch is a truly indulgent meal, perfect for those who don’t want to get up early enough for breakfast but can’t wait until lunchtime to eat. This brunch experience comprises the very best things about eating out including a varied menu which has something to suit anyone’s tastes, whether they are vegan, vegetarian or just a fan of fine food inspired by the most iconic meals associated with the US. From classics such as scrambled eggs and French toast, to tofu shakshuka or eggs served with jalapeno cornbread, this experience includes a choice of any two dishes from the brunch menu and a bottle of prosecco. Guests will be treated to a warm welcome and be impressed with the exemplary service as they enjoy a leisurely brunch and the chance of a US-style experience in the heart of London. This brunch experience for two starts with a chance peruse the brunch menu which is packed with a wide choice of dishes, many of which can be customised to suit each individual’s tastes. Everything on the menu is vegetarian and there is a range of vegan as well as nut and gluten-free options clearly marked, so those who have special dietary requirements will be catered for with dishes that perfectly suit their needs.  At 90⁰ Melt the ‘standard’ dishes have their own unique twist: there’s nothing boring about their porridge, made with soy milk, cinnamon, bananas and nuts; the classic mushrooms on toast enjoys a mouth-watering makeover with the addition of pesto and feta cheese; even vegans need not miss out on traditional dishes as they can enjoy tofu scramble or even a stack of chocolate chip pancakes.  For those who want to branch out and try something a little different there are plenty of options: a breakfast melt comprising egg, tomato and cheddar, perfectly complimented by coriander chutney; a skillet of vegan chilli, sausages and potatoes; or eggs baked with a green shakshuka for those who really want to mix things up. You can each choose two dishes each from the brunch menu, which is ideal for those who like to share. There is only one way to enhance these critically-acclaimed dishes and that’s with a bottle of prosecco – popping that cork is the perfect way to turn a flavoursome feast into a truly extravagant experience.... View full product description here >>>

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