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Description: The Choc-Tails workshop is a wickedly luxurious mix of chocolate and cocktails! Kicking off with indulgent chocolate martinis before the fabulous chocolate making begins. You’ll be plunged into a heady mix of mixology and chocolate alchemy, as you whip up rich chocolate blends. You’ll learn to blend your own chocolate martinis or ‘choc-tails’ as they’re affectionately known - so decadent that even the glass is drizzled in velvety milk chocolate! After demonstrations from our Chocolatiers, you’ll pair up with the person next to you to create rich fresh-cream truffles. You’ll be dipping and decorating your way to swish creations using dark chocolate ganache, bowls of melted chocolate and decorations such as, white chocolate flakes, honeycomb and strawberry curls.Everyone will create approximately 10-15 mouth-watering handmade chocolates to each take home in beautiful ribbon-tied goody bags.... View full product description here >>>

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