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Description: Fancy something a little different for your next family day out? Gather the whole clan together, pull on some comfy walking shoes and set out for a memorable day out with this treasure hunt experience. Whether you want to see your local area through a different lens or take in a new city, our treasure hunt packs will provide you with hours of fun. How it works:Once you’ve purchased your activity voucher, a PDF pack with your scavenger hunt clues will be sent to you. You can choose from two different sets of hints:● The easy clues are perfect for all ages. These straightforward hints ask for something you should be able to easily observe on your treasure hunt, such as information from a plaque along the way.● The cryptic clues pose more of a challenge and are perfect for older participants. They might ask for something harder to spot, require some general knowledge, or read more as a riddle than a straightforward question.In addition to these two sets of clues, you will also receive three bonus rounds that you can go through alongside the main hints:● Picture round - this round requires you take pictures of certain places and objects you encounter on your treasure hunt.● Items to collect - this is a list of everyday objects you’ll be able to gather along the scavenger hunt route.● Pub names - available at locations where there are enough pubs around, these cryptic clues refer to the names of pubs and bars you’ll pass on your way.Once you’ve received your treasure hunt pack, choose which clues you want to follow and print them off for everyone participating.The scavenger hunt can be completed in a number of locations throughout England, including several treasure trails in London. Please keep in mind that this activity isn’t organised. You’ll receive your pack of treasure hunt clues by email and complete the experience on the day of your choice.Treasure hunts in London and other cities can be completed on foot, while rural ones require driving. All of the rural scavenger hunts, as well as the majority of city-based ones are non-circular, so they will have a different start and end point.... View full product description here >>>

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