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Description: Located within the magnificent Herefordshire Country Estate of Eastnor Castle and surrounded by the Malvern Hills, Eastnor Pottery is the ideal place to spend a creative experience. Create a bowl or vase on the potter’s wheel under the expert guidance of an in-house potter wheel expert. Not only do you get to wrestle a lump of spinning mud but you also paint your own creation afterwards. On arrival you will be guaranteed a warm welcome and a nice complimentary cup of tea, fresh coffee or select from our range of specialty teas, you’ll then meet your fellow pottery participants. Once you’ve all had the chance to get to know each other a little better, you’ll be offered an apron and settle down to watch a potter’s wheel demonstration from your designated professional potter.You’ll each take a turn to make a pot on the wheel. Your expert potter is sat wheel side throughout the experience, gently talking and guiding you through the five steps to making a pot. You certainly won’t be bored waiting your turn as the activity makes for a great spectator sport. You’ll have so much fun watching each other, all the time picking up handy tips from your instructor. Once all members of your group have a ‘creation’ to show for their efforts, you’ll be shown to a painting table to decorate your freshly thrown masterpiece in coloured under-glazes.Your pot will need to dry before it’s fired and glazed. This process takes about a month, after which your fabulous ceramic item will be available for collection from the Pottery. P+P can be arranged at £5 per pot to an address in the UK.... View full product description here >>>

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