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Description: Stunt driver is the kind of job people wish they had when they introduce themselves to someone new - what could be more exciting than performing acrobatics in a car and achieving the kinds of manoeuvres that most people can only dream of as they sit in traffic on their daily commute.  This experience is a chance to find out just how the professionals do it. Participants will master some of the techniques that drivers demonstrate in films and TV shows such as the Fast and Furious. Precision is the key to successful stunt driving and the instructors will help participants to acquire the skills they have seen on the silver screen as they fling a stunt-ready Mazda Mx-5 around the track like an expert. From high-speed J-turns to the most impressive handbrake parking manoeuvres around, this experience is enough to give any driver a taste for stunt driving. This experience starts with a warm welcome and a chance to talk to an expert instructor who will talk about what the driver can expect and give them a safety briefing. Then they will explain the some of the most useful stunt moves and how they can learn the techniques which can be used to perform precision manoeuvres at incredible speeds. Once the drivers have been given a run-down of the theory they will need to perform some of the industries favourite stunts, it’s time to take to the track and try them for real. The specially modified stunt car is designed to be driven like no other car and is incredibly responsive, and the instructor will demonstrate how to achieve some of the most impressive manoeuvres before the driver takes the wheel and has a go for themselves. A little one-on-one instruction is all it takes to turn a complete novice into a well-seasoned stunt driver and by the end of the session the driver will have a thorough understanding of the physics behind some of the most incredible moves and how to execute them perfectly and with style.... View full product description here >>>

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