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Product: Supercar Thrill at Rockingham Race Track Driving

Description: Billed as Europe’s fastest racing circuit, Rockingham has earned its reputation over the course of nearly two decades during which time it has hosted hundreds of events. Since its first meeting in 2001, the British Superbike Championship, the British Touring Car Championship and a number of Formula Three races have been held at the circuit, making full use of the 13 configurations that are possible on this versatile track. This experience is a chance to enjoy the thrill of driving around this world-famous track with an expert instructor in a car that combines style and substance. Any motoring enthusiast will love the chance to experience the high octane excitement as they accelerate along the straights and take the corners at hair-raising speeds. This experience will start with a warm welcome, an introduction to their expert instructor and a safety briefing which will ensure that they feel safe even if they do find their knuckles turning white as they are pressed into their seat by the g-force. Participants can choose between the Aston Martin V8, a vehicle with a pedigree that has earned it a number of ardent fans; the Audi R8 which has captured the hearts of supercar enthusiasts the world over; the hybrid BMW i8 that has been hailed as the sports car of the future; the Ferrari California, the first front-engined Ferrari with a V8; the Lamborghini Gallardo which has earned its title as most popular sports car made by the iconic brand; the Nissan GTR, nicknamed ‘Godzilla’ because of its impressive power; or the Porsche 911, a car which is instantly recognisable for its smooth lines and impressive racing record. The instructor will show the driver how to maintain the optimal driving position, taking corners and bends at speeds which seem impossible and accelerating into the straights to give the driver a taste of what these awesome cars are capable of in three to four exciting laps. Participants will get the chance to purchase video footage or images from their experience to show their friends and as a lasting memento of the day.... View full product description here >>>

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