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Description: Whisky blending is the art of combining accurately selected, mature, high-quality whiskies, each with its own flavour and other characteristics, so that each one makes its contribution to the finished blend without any outweighing. The experience starts with an introduction to whisky, featuring four whiskies each for you and your guest to taste. All four of the whiskies, which are sourced from all different parts of the world, will be set out in front of you along with a pipette and mini bottle. Your whisky expert will talk you though all the different types of whisky, its origins, how it’s made and how they all vary. As well as describing the different smell and flavours you will be experiencing when tasting your whiskies.Then you will be taught how blending works and you will create your very own blend to suit your palette. You will use the four whiskies that have been provided with, using the pipette you will use little amounts of each to build up your blend. Discovering how blended whisky came into being and why to this day it remains the backbone of the Scotch whisky industry. You will also take your whisky blend home with you, inside the mini bottle to enjoy in your own time.Please note, there must be at least 20 people in attendance for this experience. If the minimum number is not met, you will be contacted at least 48 hours beforehand and will be offered an alternative date.... View full product description here >>>

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