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Product: Zorbing and Paintball Combo for Two Experiences

Description: Whether you and a fellow adventurer are in need of a day of exhilaration or the pair of adrenaline junkies in your life deserve some quality excitement, this experience offers not one, but two crazy opportunities sure to leave you with an ultimate buzz. Be prepared to dodge exploding paint pellets and annihilate your opponents as your endurance, leadership and teamwork skills are challenged. Combined with paintballing is the thrilling extreme sport of zorbing, which will supply an epic, rotating adventure, guaranteed to leave the most study individual giddy with excitement! Your full day of paintball and zorbing delight will begin by getting fully kitted out in in all the essential gear. Camouflage get up with the best anti-mist paintball goggles, an ammo belt to carry additional firepower and an awesome standard issue rifle, will ensure that your opponents won’t know what hit them. After receiving a full safety and operations brief from the best professionally trained adventurers, you will get started with 100 paintballs each. Following your paintballing action, you and a companion will make your way through the forest to the zorbing reception and select your preferred zorbing experience. Choose from the amazing hydro ride includes approximately 40 litres of water, which will certainly result in a super spin. Make sure you grab your swim wear for this one, as splashing is guaranteed. If you would prefer to keep things dry, the pulsating harness ride will give you a great view of each other’s hilarious reactions as you are securely strapped in together to the enjoy exhilarating motion. Whatever you option, prepare to let the good times roll. You will finish you adrenaline fuelled day out with a full end of day debrief for your paintballing squad and celebrate a day of excitement. Please note: When booking with the supplier you will need to pay £10 per person deposit in advance. This value can be redeemed against paintballs on the day. Paintballs will need to be purchased for your event and GO Paintball provide a special offer for all voucher holders of just £30pp (£40 total) for 600 paintballs in total each which includes a free 9" Pizza Hut lunch & drink. The £30pp is to be paid at the venue on the day of your event. There will be a full end of day debrief for your paintballing squad!... View full product description here >>>

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